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About Us

The trust is named after the philanthropist, Master Jagannath Jhamb, who had moved to India at the time of partition and had helped rebuild the lives of many.

Master Ji, as he was popularly known as, was a generous soul who had always been at the forefront of giving and caring, in an effort to empower the less fortunate. He had dedicated his life for the betterment of those that society has shunned away.

For Master Ji, simply being a human was enough reason to help somebody. LJCT wishes to continue his legacy by actively working on causes that help drive change from the ground level up, and based on his uncompromising value system which formed the bedrock of his actions. A true Karmyogi ,he believed in action rather than words, and well understood that all words fall on deaf ears and are wholly inadequate, until a human’s basic requirements of food, water, shelter and sanitation are met. He empowered those that had been left behind at society’s edges, and pulled them up into the light of the day.

VIsion & Misssion
LJCT intends to grow across regions and economies as our vision is the guiding light for all our activities. The objective here is to improve the quality of life in India and ensure that all children and old aged people, are not only attended, but also thrive or excel in their lives. They are implemented on a large scale to not only reach as many children as possible, but also to create an adoptable demonstration model for state governments. LJCT has a vision to build a better nation that provides basic health, education and empowerment to every citizen. To be a Knowledge Partner for Schools, NGOs, Corporates, and Government agencies for development programmes across India.

Our focus is concentrated on the receiver’s grandeur instead of the donor’s pride. We promote a circular economy by ensuring maximum use of each material. We value collaborative efforts with partner organisations to increase effectiveness and scale.

our objectives

Our prime areas of focus will be support for Old Age people followed by children’s education. We aim to identify groups of old age people, particularly the destitute and those lacking any kind of support, who are in need of any help, be it medical, sustenance or nutrition.


One of our most sought after activities is donating food to the needy in various areas on a weekly basis. This is usually done in Slums or in identified NGO’s


Promoting education for people who do not have the required resources by donating educational equipments and arranging training facilities to the children

Identifying old age homes of the needy and extending support for medicines, medical treatment expenses and nutritional support.



Every winter, our organisation, LJCT runs a Blanket Donation Campaign, where we provide high quality warm blankets along with dry ration and dignity kits to the underprivileged living in the open on the streets. We try our best to reach out to people in Delhi NCR and other parts of north India.


This Diwali, We at LJCT  provided freshly cooked warm food, sweets and crackers to the homeless and the needy in major parts of north India. We seek your support in our effort. Celebrate this Diwali by supporting the homeless, by providing warmth to infants, young and old.


Our Weekly Food Donation drive in DElhi NCR region to ensure that no individual goes to bed with an empty stomach. We believe that as an individual we have two hands, One is to help ourselves and the other hand is for helping others.


The volunteers of our social outreach committee had visited an NGO and distributed these stationery items to underprivileged kids and arm them with the tool of education thus empowering the children education system.


On a few special occasions/ festivals, our team decides to celebrate with others. Hence,the team distributed biscuits, sweets, chocolates and packed food among people residing on the street side and slums.

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