Social Media Optimization

Web-based Media Optimization, also known as SMO is utilized by Digital Marketing agencies to expand the consciousness of a product in a company. The publicizing is done via online media stages like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram and so forth, with the goal that users across the globe can interface and make their way through, right into the organization. There's a chance for these users to turn into an expected customer for the company, permitting them to profit in a different way in regards to their products or services. SMO doesn't just expand the presence of an item yet it additionally helps out in conveying the messages that bring awareness to the people.

We at City Innovates, one of the top social media management companies in Australia, follow the process of the below-mentioned steps for Social Media Optimization & Management: -

  • Firstly, we completely research the product domain or services offered by the respective company, followed by checking out the client's digital assets, whether it is a website, social media handles, blogs etc.
  • Present a strategy document for the respective month in terms of what we are going to post and our overall plan of action for the month as per the defined scope.
  • Send this strategy document to the client and get it approved.
  • Start working on the Post documents 1 & 2 for the respective month as per the approved strategy from the client and send it to the content team for vetting.
  • Once the post documents are professionally vetted, they are then aligned with the creative team for creatives.
  • Postdoc 1 is sent to the client, followed by postdoc 2 for approval
  • Once the docs are approved, we initiate the posting on the various social media handles of the client.
  • We provide monthly end-to-end SMO progress reports
  • Every month competitor’s analysis is carried out, stating the top competitors of the respective client and comparing the numbers in terms of what we can do better with our end goal of increased reach, engagement and user base.
  • We create the posts as per the best time of the industry and reply to every comment and message in real-time as per the client's suggestions.
  • The overall optimization depends on creating valuable and share-worthy content that adds value to your brand and urges the target audience to connect and engage to achieve desired goals in real-time.

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