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With the quick ascent of improvement in ventures, the competition has additionally increased, and in light of the fact that the huge populace is for the most part centred around the web to buy products, Digital Industries have thought of a tool to build their product promoting. Search Engine Marketing or SEM provides an opportunity for organizations to place their ads directly before the clients who are willing to make a purchase. It basically centres around the keywords that the organizations bid on so clients can without much of a stretch make their way through onto the platform utilizing the Google web search engine.

We at City Innovates, the best PPC company in Sydney, follow the process of the below-mentioned steps for Google AdWords:-

  • It entirely depends upon the needs of the client and the type of campaign (Search, Display and PLA, Video etc.) he/she prefers. While considering the overall objectives of the campaign, we suggest the paid plan.
  • Clearly define the targeted audience.
  • Define the start and end dates of the campaign and bid level.
  • Keyword research and selection as per the match type (Broad, Exact, Broad match, Broad match modifier, Phrase match) and the CPC cost
  • Landing page creations and optimization
  • 'Thank you' page creation and conversion code implementation
  • The decision of devices that will show up the ads
  • Creation of Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ad Copies, Extensions etc.
  • The Budget Plan is made depending upon how much we want to spend during the campaign span. We then provide the client with a sample report having the entire campaign-specific parameters such as Clicks, Impressions, Conversions, CTR, Cost Conversion, Bid, Quality Score, CPC etc.
  • Get the budget and campaign approved by the client.
  • Launch the Campaign
  • Connecting the Google AdWords account with Google Analytics
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly end-to-end reporting depending on the campaign-specifics, with continuous optimization to achieve the desired goals in real-time.

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