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Due to the fast ascent of users on web-based media stages, and the increment of circumstances that can influence an organization's reputation, Digital Marketing agencies have concocted an apparatus that can oversee and react to such adverse user remarks that can influence the organization on a terrible footing. The service is known as ORM, Online Reputation Management, which is utilized to conceal and control the standing of an organization from falling by managing the products or services of an organization in the search results. With the assistance of ORM, employees would now be able to zero in all together on the development of the company, without stressing over disappointed users assaulting them via social media stages.

We at City Innovates, a digital marketing company in Melbourne, follow the process of the below-mentioned steps for ORM: -

The below steps are implemented if ORM is required for degrading the bad or spammed links that are appearing on the first page of Google SERP:

  • Reputation research of the brand
  • Identifying the bad links of the brand
  • Preparing a list of keywords on which the bad links are appearing, as well as the keywords for the brand.
  • Identifying the good links after the bad links for promotional purposes
  • Building an online presence through social media channels
  • Creation of engaging and valuable content
  • Creation of blogs on negative keywords and regular blog content posts
  • Promotion of good links via Blogging & PR activities

The below steps are implemented if ORM is required for maintaining the brand's presence on search engines:

  • Creation of business listings
  • Once the listing gets approved, we post positive reviews from various IPs
  • Optimization of business listing as per the requirement
  • Posting of weekly reviews on the Google Business Page
  • Creation of business listings on other third-party high-authority platforms
  • Posting reviews on third-party platforms
  • If any negative reviews are posted by users, we handle that delicately, and if required, we will counter reply and try to solve his/her problem
  • Organic improvement of the general review statistics
  • Answering Quora Questions
  • Submitting Video Testimonials

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