of Aussie

smokers try to

quit each year



Australians using

e-cigs to try to

quit or cut down

Scientific Research

Read up on scientific studies that indicate that smoke-free products like vaping are less harmful than traditional cigarettes or are an effective way to quit for good.

Quitting the Habit

Learn why smokers need help and support
to quit this deadly habit and how most
Australian smokers are turning to vaping &
e-cigarettes to cut-back or quit.

Australian Law

Know more on how vapes
and e-cigarettes are being regulated at
the Federal and State levels.

Join the Movement

There are over 3 million Australian adults who smoke daily. Two out of three long term cigarette smokers die due the harmful effects of smoking. The social, health, and economic costs of smoking in Australia is estimated at $136.9 billion a year.​ We need your support.

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