Are you an artist looking for tips to turn your digital illustration into a career? Don’t miss your chance to get expert advice from Illustrators at the top of their game!

The video game industry is one of the few markets that continue to grow, even during our current recession. It is expected to hit a staggering $180 Billion by 2021.

According to google trends, the video game industry has been experiencing growth for a few years now.

Between 2018 & 2023, China is expected to generate 91.2% of global film industry

This indicates that jobs are opening all over the place for video game designers, developers, animators, and modelers. The next five years look promising for those interested in a career in gaming.


Start your journey here to be part of an entertainment industry like- Games Studio, Films, Animation, Toys, Theme Park, Mobile Game Studios.

This workshop is for anyone who:

  • Wants to get work as a professional illustrator
  • Doesn't know how to find their niche and market themselves
  • Struggles to find clients who value and will pay for their work
  • Wants to build a polished portfolio that gets noticed

What is this workshop about?

Whether you want to become a digital illustrator or wish to study illustration to increase your hiring potential, this intensive digital illustration workshop can help fast-track your career.

This workshop will explore the foundations of digital painting and how it applies to every level of concept art development process. Learners will also explore conceptual design standards and practices, techniques used in industry, and visual development for films, games, animation, and comic books.

Student work that speaks for itself


After attending this workshop, you will be able to:

    Identify core concepts essential to creating a concept art

  • Conduct your research methods and techniques
  • Get your visual reference materials
  • Creative guidelines and requirements for concept art
  • Conduct research to enhance understanding of the art concept and generate ideas for illustrating concepts
  • Research settings and historical periods to illustrate appearances, clothing, environments, and backgrounds
  • Assemble reference materials for the team to use

    Describe the composition and perspective techniques that are applicable to concept art.

  • You will be introduced to sketching, illustration and painting techniques
  • Understand artistic visualisation of environments and backgrounds
  • Familiarize yourself with the concepts of detail, composition, colour, forms and scales
  • Features, functionalities and applications of digital sketching and painting tools
  • Create exploratory sketches of environment art
  • Detail reviewed sketches to create finalised illustrations for background art
  • Store files to enable the next stage of production to run efficiently

Quentin Gabriel


Quentin Gabriel is a Senior Concept Artist with over 7+ years of experience currently working at Ubisoft Singapore. He worked for Feature Films and Video Games for top studios in the entertainment industry.

He has made his contributions to the projects The Division 2, Skull & Bones, Diablo IV, Spiderman, Discovery Channel Magazine, and many other projects.

Schweitzer Manuel


Philipp Dobrusin is a mentor and freelance Concept Artist working on various AAA games and feature films. Passionate about design, cinematography and visual storytelling. Philipp Dobrusin is a mentor and freelance Concept Artist working on various AAA games and feature films. Passionate about design, cinematography and visual storytelling.

Online and Physical

Study- at comfort of your home OR Be part of physical classrooms

Industry Professionals

Learn from experts who have worked on major films and games

Job-ready skills

Build you portfolio from the very beginning

Course Pathway

MAGES offers various classes to choose from after the workshop

Basic Illustration Workshop

No. of Hrs Days/time Mode Software used Workshop Fee Grants claimable
8 hrs 1 day 9 am to 6:30 pm 1st 10 pax In-Person
Remaining Online
Adobe Photoshop S$0*
Upto $200 (SSG Training Grant)
Rest amount claimable under
(SkillsFuture Credit)

*T&C Apply
*Check your grant eligibility with us.
Age 40 years and above can claim $200 under SSG Training Grant
Age below 40 years can claim $136 under SSG Training Grant
Rest of the amount is claimable under SkillsFuture Credit
Eligible Scheme or Subsidies available- Claimable under SkillsFuture Credit and PSEA

To be the best, learn illustration from the best
Progress faster with the industry professionals and take away the skills to pursue your dream career.

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why mages

At MAGES Institute - we are not just a school we are a Production School. Our focus is LEARNING but more importantly we focus more on ‘CREATING’, we want you to get your hand dirty and start building your game right from the get-go.

MAGES Institute is preparing the next wave of industry-ready artists

Through industry mentorship and specialized career training, we offer a more personalized education experience to get you production ready sooner.

Whether straight out of N’ or O’ level, changing careers, or upgrading skills, our goal is to help you build the job skills and confidence to pursue your dream career in film and games.

And we are in better position than anyone else in the market to do that because we run our very own production Studio – MAGES Studio. Since we run a Studio, we understand the market better, we understand the clients better and therefore we can integrate those practical knowledges better into the classes.

All in all, at MAGES we have a combined of more than 50 years of practical on-the-ground experiences! While it is possible to find a good trainer, maybe even a good practitioner but it is hard to get both. And this is what MAGES Institute have!

Our students will be able to leverage on the grant offered by the Singapore government.


Our school is also recently awarded by The Rookie as Top 50 Creative Media & Entertainment Schools and Colleges in the World 2020 & the Top 3 Gaming School in the World 2019 under the Mobile category!

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