A great production with all the
"Made in Italy" characteristics
Classic yet modern, Greggio holloware adds a splash of festivity to your preferred table setting.
Understanding the idea of styling, this Italian brand combines practical functionality and aesthetics to create breathtaking tablescape.
Delight your diners with unique receptacles
Brass Tracks, an in-house brand by Blue Ribbon, are passionate about creatively interpreting old style. The brand maintains a fine balance between classic proportions and the desire to be modern.
The product range consists of a large scale of choices in lifestyle products, buffet and chafing dishes available in different materials like stainless steel, silver plated, gold plated, brass, copper, and other materials.
A groundbreaking approach to buffet service
La Tavola refreshes and updates the traditional concept of the buffet whilst incorporating elegance into their unique offerings. The collection features a large variety of serving and cooking functions that will excite and inspire restaurateurs and chefs.
Discover the functional subtleties of all the products as well as the endless possibilities to customize and personalized holloware.
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