Greetings from Hortgro, the national umbrella commodity body for the South African pome (apple and pear) and stone fruit (plum/prune, peach/nectarine, apricot, and cherry) industries.

The deciduous fruit industry of South Africa can proudly say that we are the second-largest exporter from the Southern Hemisphere to export our delicious produce all over the world!


Hortgro is pleased to announce the launch of its campaign to promote South African Apples and Pears in the Indian market. The robust campaign will reach out to all key stakeholders to build awareness and create affinity for our delicious produce loved by one and all.

India as a market has developed exponentially for South African Apples and Pears in the last two years. We believe that this trend will continue in the coming years and we aim to extend every possible support to the market. We look forward to working closely with key stakeholders, ensuring that consumers have easy access to our delicious apples and pears.


The data suggests that 2021 so far has been an exceptional year for South African Apples & Pears in India. Till July 17, 2021, with close to 750,000 boxes or 9,375 tonnes of Apples and 963,000 plus boxes or 12,000 tonnes of Pears being imported to India, South Africa as an origin has become very popular amongst the trader community as well as consumers.

In Apples, Royal Gala variety dominated the market share with 69% of total imports followed by Granny Smith (6%) and Topred/Starking (6%). The positive feedback on the exceptional taste of South African Apples from the trader community is resonated by consumers as the demand increased month on month.

Similarly in Pears, Packham’s Triumph enjoyed 42% share followed by Forelle (25%) and Vermont Beauty (23%). South African Pears have dominated the Indian market for several years with almost 80% market share when compared to other origins. The feedback from retailers, consumers and traders helps boost the confidence of South African growers and exporters to look at India as one of the top markets in the world.

We hope you find our newsletter informative and interesting. It is our endeavor to bring to you the latest market information for South Africa Apples & Pears.

Join us as we celebrate the #BeautifulCountry with the most #BeautifulFruit and #ExceptionalTaste.

(Data up to 28th week of 2021 CY ending 17/07/2021)

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